\nA game by Alex Calderwood
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\nTHIS IS WRONG\n<<print $c4>>\n[[Tick]]\nNO!\n\ndisorder\n<<print $c10>>\n<<print $c11>>\nDISORDER\n<<print $c13>>\n
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\nTHIS IS WRONG\n<<print $c4>>\n<<print $c5>>\nNO!\n\ndisorder\n<<print $c10>>\n<<print $c11>>\nDISORDER\n<<print $c13>>\n\n[[Can I stop it? That incessant tick?|No]]
Have you ever wanted to write a poem?\nThis game is for you!\nAll you have to do is decide which lines to write next.\n\nTry to make the poem sound good and flow well to maximize your score.\n\n[[Begin]]\n<<silently>>\n<<set $c1 = "">>\n<<set $c2 = "">>\n<<set $c3 = "">>\n<<set $c4 = "">>\n<<set $c5 = "">>\n<<set $c6 = "">>\n<<set $c7 = "">>\n<<set $c8 = "">>\n<<set $c9 = "">>\n<<set $c10 = "">>\n<<set $c11 = "">>\n<<set $c12 = "">>\n<<set $c13 = "">>\n<<set $finished3 = false>>\n<<endsilently>>\n
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\n[[THIS IS WRONG]]\n<<print $c4>>\n<<print $c5>>\n<<print $c6>>\n\n<<print $c7>> <<print $c8>> <<print $c9>>\n<<print $c10>>\n<<print $c11>>\n<<print $c12>>\n<<print $c13>>
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\n<<print $c3>><<if $finished3 eq true>><<if $c2 eq "paced, unsettled,">> to print,<<else>>,<<endif>><<endif>>\n<<print $c4>>\n<<print $c5>>\n<<print $c6>>\n\n<<print $c7>> <<print $c8>> <<print $c9>>\n<<print $c10>>\n<<print $c11>>\n<<print $c12>>\n<<print $c13>>
The\n[[writer|2][$c1 = "writer"]]\n[[poet|2][$c1 = "poet"]]\n[[author|2][$c1 = "author"]]\n[[ghost|2][$c1 = "ghost"]]
[[It never would be.|14]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[Searching|4][$c3 = "Searching for verses"]]\n[[Waiting|4][$c3 = "Waiting for verses"]]\n[[Pondering|4][$c3 = "Pondering which phrases"]]\n[[Wondering|4][$c3 = "Wondering for words"]]\n\n<<set $finished3 = true>>
<<display poem>>\n\n[[sat|3][$c2 = "sat still,"]]\n[[paced|3][$c2 = "paced, unsettled,"]]\n[[gazed|3][$c2 = "gazed,"]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[Like a monument or a shrine,|6][$c5 = "As a monument of a stagnant thought."]]\n[[To cry a message into time.|6][$c5 = "As a message, a warning of a stagnant thought."]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[Wary|5][$c4 = "Wary, awaiting the time of the meaning's change."]]\n[[Afraid|5][$c4 = "Afraid. Awaiting the time of the meaning's change."]]\n[[Expectant|5][$c4 = "Expectant; awaiting the time of the meaning's change."]]
<<display poem>>\nHere, the poet pauses from his poem. A question stirs inside.\n\n[[Who?|8][$c7 = "Who"]]\n[[What?|8][$c7 = "What"]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[Aware|7][$c6 = "Aware of the tick of the clock."]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[the poem|10][$c9 = "this poem?"]]\n[[the text|10][$c9 = "this text?"]]
Make your own 4D poem!
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\nTHIS IS WRONG\n<<print $c4>>\nTick\nNO!\n\ndisorder\n\n[[Tock]]\nDISORDER\n<<print $c13>>\n\n
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\nTHIS IS WRONG\n<<print $c4>>\nTick\nNO!\n\ndisorder\n\nTock\nDISORDER\n[[Tick|tick2]]\n\n
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\nTHIS IS WRONG\n<<print $c4>>\n<<print $c5>>\n[[NO!]]\n\n<<print $c7>> <<print $c8>> <<print $c9>>\n<<print $c10>>\n<<print $c11>>\n<<print $c12>>\n<<print $c13>>
[[Tick|End]]\nTHIS IS WRONG\nTock\nTick\nNO!\n\ndisorder\n\nTock\nDISORDER\nTick\n\n
<<display poem>>\n\n[[is writing|9][$c8 = "is writing"]]\n[[conceived|9][$c8 = "conceived"]]\n[[pens|9][$c8 = "pens"]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[Is it me?|12][$c11 = "I, who dealt these scratches, or"]] (It is)\n[[It is a character.|12][$c11 = "//You//, who press those buttons, or"]] (It's not)
<<display poem>>\n\n[[The poet asks|11]]\n[[I ask|11]]\n\n<<set $c10 = "The encroached on poet asks.">>
<<display poem>>\n...\n[[The poem is finished.|14]]\n[[It's not.|pause]]
<<display poem>>\n\n[[A creature|13][$c12 = "A creature beneath the poet's masks?"]]\n[[A thing|13][$c12 = "A thing beneath the poet's masks?"]]\n[[A person|13][$c12 = "Someone beneath the poet's masks?"]]\n
As the poet sat and typed,\nA worry rose through his stomach.\nThat the lines he wrote, his lines devised,\nWould be replaced in time.\n\n\nQuick, [[look back]]!
The <<print $c1>> <<print $c2>>\nTHIS IS WRONG\n[[Tock|tock2]]\nTick\nNO!\n\ndisorder\n\nTock\nDISORDER\nTick\n\n
<<display poem>>\n\n[[Now hold on, \ngrab tight. \nThis is your thing,\nA child.|poem2]]